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I started Humble Wood Decors because of my developing love of woodworking.  I enjoy creating things from wood with my own hands, as opposed to buying something that's mass manufactured.

By trade, I'm a Broadcast Engineer...my "day job" is working for a company that enables me to design and build TV, Radio and large AV installations for our customers. The feeling of finishing a project and handing it off to a customer is rewarding to me.

I'm constantly making things from wood in my spare time, getting ideas from the things I see every day....sometimes on social media but often when I'm just walking down the street! 

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Working out of my garage....Like many of us, I had a garage full of tools that were only used for the occasional weekend project around the house.....and then something on Pintrest inspired me to break out our little Dremel detail router and make a little something....It's taken off from there...with an Etsy site...and now this!

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