It's Spring! Time for New Things!
It's Spring! Time for New Things!
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CAD (Computer Aided Design)

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One of the tools I use for my projects never touches the wood!  It's my PC.  Many of the things I build are done on the computer first so that I can get a sense of the finished product (in case I'm having trouble visualizing it).  Doing the design on the computer offers me the ability to layout the cuts ahead of time and get a good idea of how much material I'm going to need prior to picking up a saw.

3D Bench View

This is a plan for my new fixed-workbench in my wood shop that I created with a 3D modeling software called Sketchup.  Sketchup offers several levels for people including a web client that's free to use.  This one, while limited in functionality, works perfectly well for me, offering the basics like texturing, dimensioning and the ability to insert pre-made "blocks" or models, created by other users in the Sketchup community. 

The offer subscription based versions that provide greater functionality, but for my purposes the web version works quite well....and besides...for a hobbyist like myself, the subscription fees are somewhat steep.


This is a page from one of my plan books which was created in AutoCAD-LT.  ACAD-LT is an advanced CAD program that give you the ability to create in 2D and 3D.  As you can see, this is an ISO (Isometric) view of my workbench plan.

Want to know more?  Maybe you'd like to talk about a custom design?  Feel free to reach out through this link: (my email), or scroll to the bottom of this page.

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