It's Spring! Time for New Things!
It's Spring! Time for New Things!
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Fun Custom Paint - Cordles Tool Carrier

charging station cordless tool cordless tool charging station cordless tool orgainzer

Had a request from a customer for a "Dewalt" color scheme, using the matte black and yellow. 

I didn't have the color codes (at the time) for the specific Dewalt yellow, but this "safety yellow" from Rustoleum came close....

Yes...I do custom orders...however considering the size of my shop and the volume of father's day takes a few extra days to do "finish" work like painting or staining.....

I did another one recently in matte black......

Got a color scheme or finish you'd like me to apply?  Just send me an email/message and I'll be happy to give you a quote!

Have a great day!


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