It's Spring! Time for New Things!
It's Spring! Time for New Things!
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Our Story

Have you every looked around your home, or garage like you do every other day, but one time you "see" a collection of things and all of a sudden, you have an idea?

Well....that's how I started. I've had plenty of wood working tools in my life. I had a garage full of saws, drills, and hand-tools. Often these were purchased for a single purpose, or just because I felt they were good tools to have around for general maintenance.

Well we moved into our new home, and I had to set up storage in the garage for a lot of our holiday decorations. Lots of outdoor and indoor stuff. As I was building the loft storage, I realized that I liked the work. So I built some shelving. Liked that even more. It was all rough at know....garage storage. neighbors started showing me things they had made with pallet wood. I started working with that and made a couple of nice things for my wife around the house. Well...that got me into pinterest because now I was getting ideas.

I built my rolling workbench....I call it the MOAB (Mother of ALL Benches). Its a 4' x 8' table on wheels, but with a few quick changes....its a router table, miter saw stand and table saw platform. (You can see pictures of it in my listings.....

Then a friend asked me to build him a cordless tool caddy. He sent me a picture of one that he had seen on Pinterest. Well we both liked it so much that he paid me for it and said I should build more and sell them.....I looked into platforms for hand-made items and BAM.....Humble Wood Decors was born on Etsy.

We now have a full fledged e-commerce site...and I'm beginning to list on Amazon as well. Oh and best of all....Humble Wood is now officially an LLC!

I hope to grow the business into something moderately sized, although when I started it, I was thinking of HW as a creative outlet and a source of mad-money after I retire from my day job.....

So enjoy the site....we have a few listings today, but as time permits I'll be adding more! And as always, if you have a special request, please contact me!

Best Regards,